DZOFILM Vespid Prime

DZOFILM Vespid Prime is a serie of full frame cine lenses designed for cinematic capturing beyond full frame, compact and portable for filmmaking. 16/25/35/50/75/90/100/125mm available.


Catta Ace is the new released cine zoom lenses, for cinematic capturing beyond full frame, parfocal and cinematic look, convenient for filmmaking.


  • DZOFILM Vespid Brochure

    DZOFILM Vespid Brochure

    Appropriate sharpness generates cinematic feeling while expressing organic look and fine details. In accordance with standard of APO, Vespid Prime optimizes chromatic aberration one by one.

  • DZOFILM Catta Ace Brochure

    DZOFILM Catta Ace Brochure

    The DZOFILM Catta Ace 35 - 80 mm, 75 - 135 mm T2.9 lenses features wide focal length and authentic Color with cinematic image. It cover a 46.5mm sensor to meet more latest large format camera. Parfocal design hold the focus easily throughout the zoom in or out.

  • DZOFILM Catalogue

    DZOFILM Catalogue

    The concept of DZOFILM is to explore more possibilities and incorporate it into daily filming and thinking. Whether the combination among cine equipments, the interaction between time and space, or the relationship between cinematographer and objects, above of all , could be the next exploration of DZOFILM.

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