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CineMonitor HD3Dview

CineMonitor HD3Dview

Transvideo is pioneering the development and integration of monitoring tools for
the stereoscopic filmmaker.

The CineMonitorHD3DView is a family of monitors dedicated to 3D Stereoscopic HD productions. An extension of the CineMonitorHD family, the 3D models are available
in 6”, 10”, 12” and 15”.

These 3D monitors include all the functions and tools of their 2D counterparts plus
the 3D Tool set. They can also be used for regular 2D HD productions.

The CineMonitorHD3DView feature specific display modes to evaluate the
stereoscopic convergences and cameras correlation. Two ANAGLYPH modes
as well as an optional shutter-glasses interface allow the previewing of 3D
images. Each camera/eye can also be monitored independently.

A fringe mode assists in evaluating the depth of the 3D effect and its position
relative to the convergence plane. The adjustable vertical grid helps setting up
background separation.

The measurement tools (Waveform and Histogram) display the 2 signals analysis superimposed.

The optional Virtual Horizon provides easy monitoring of this axis when shooting stereoscopic pictures.

Ordering Codes

917TS0034 6" CineMonitorHD63DView
917TS0045 10" CineMonitorHD103DView
917TS0038 12" CineMonitorHD123DView
917TS0039 15" Ci eMonitorHD153DView
917TS0042 Shutter glasses kit
918TS0171 Spare shutter glasses
918TS0174 Anaglyph glasses Red Cyan
918TS0175 Anaglyph glasses Green Magenta
917TS0018 HD/SD Virtual Horizon

A specific manual written by Alain Derobe, AFC, Stereo-Consultant, describing
theory and basics of 3D-Stereographic shooting with the CineMonitorHD3DView
comes with each monitor.