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SmartSLIDER Reflex 560

SmartSLIDER Reflex 560

Item number: SM-SLREF560

• Innovative sliding system based on ultra-low friction ball bearings.

• Structure made of high quality anodized aluminum

• Unique design: sloped rails to grant strenght and lightness

• Unprecendented smoothness

• Motorized kit Available


“Appearances Matter!” SmartSystem is introducing a new slider's concept, extremely light and specifically designed for your reflex camera. SmartSLIDER Reflex is the only one slider designed around sloped rails. This ensure all the necessary strongness giving to you a ultra light product.

The original motion system (with ultra-low friction bearings) deriving from the eldest brother SmartSLIDER PRO, allows an extremely smooth sliding. SmartSLIDER Reflex permits outstanding results both for micro and quicker movements.

Life is chaotic on set and it could happens to hit other objects with your slider.
Unless you have a product equipped with rails in chrome and tempered steel as SmartSLIDER PRO is, you could
irreparably damage you slider's rails. Why exposing the most delicate part of your slider (the rails) to involuntary
impacts? How is it possible to obtain lightness and robustness at the same time?
Sometimes better solutions comes from simple expedients and the right use: SmartSLIDER Reflex is a proof of it!!

Moving the sliding wheels internally, SmartSLIDER Reflex's own structure permits to protect the rails from involuntary hits guaranteeing all the smoothness you need.

The use of aluminium extrusions specifically designed, allows SmartSLIDER Reflex to bear heavy loads keeping an incomparable lightness.

SmartSLIDER Reflex can be positioned on any surface, even the most delicate.
The two 5 / 8 " holes placed on both the sides let you fix quickly and safely your slider.
Compatible with the most popular video plates currently on the market, SmartSLIDER can also be used with
standard tripods.

Like SmartSLIDER Pro, SmartSLIDER Reflex can be fixed also through two tripods thanks to additional and structural connecting plates

The fixing plates are compatible with standard screws (1/4" and 3/8") and are designed to match the photographic plates currently on the market equipped with an anti-rotation pivot.

That means that you can fix your SmartSLIDER Reflex in three different ways   

• Through two side stands
• Through two tripods connected
• Through a stand with 5/8" hole and a tripod

As standard, SmartSLIDER Reflex provides you with a fluid head adapter able to keep on your slider the 3/8"
screw fixing system

A handy dial allows you to easily lock SmartSLIDER Reflex either for transport or shooting needs.

SmartSLIDER Reflex is equipped with an additional dial that let you adjust the drag offered by the carriage during sliding. The main feature of this control is to help the customer during vertical movements reducing the necessary force to bear in movement the equipment connected on the carriage.