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Creamsource Classic

Extreme power. total control.

Quality gear that saves you money

Unlike traditional HMI, Tungsten and Fluorescent lamps, LEDs are extremely robust with a lifespan measured in years rather than hours. There are no filaments to break, no glass to shatter and no excessive temperatures to shorten the life of your gels and diffusion.

If ran continuously for 5 years alongside a typical 575W HMI, you would have to change an HMI globe over 60 times. You would not need to change one LED.

To match the impressive LED lifespan, we've built the rest of the unit tough as well. Crafted out of aircraft grade aluminium, it can handle severe vibration and even direct impact without missing a beat.

With all the output of a significant tungsten or HMI combined with the advantages of LED, lighting has just got easier. Plug in, turn on, turn down and shoot.

The Creamsource Classic has 84 high power LEDs. Available in both Tungsten and Daylight colour temperatures, it has similar light output to a 575W HMI, but draws only 220W.

Demo Video Creamsource Classic:


Superior light quality

The Creamsource produces high quality daylight balanced light. Precision optics come factory standard in either spot or flood versions, providing a consistent beam with smooth roll-off and no hot spots. The direct nature of the optics means less wasted light and spill, and specially designed micro-lens panels can be quickly dropped in the front of the unit to widen the beam with very high efficiency.

While Fluorescent and HMI discharge lamps change significantly in colour over their lifespan (many also turning green with age), the Creamsource LEDs are incredibly stable, meaning that you get consistant light output for the life of the product.

Fault free high speed, any speed

Our specialised LED control system makes even extreme high speed filming a breeze. When running at full power, the Creamsource creates light that is totally solid, direct, and flicker free. Tested to over 250,000 FPS.



Stay in control

Remain in charge of the most delicate or drastic lighting changes through the use of intuitive controls, with super smooth dimming from 0 to 100% via the built in dimmer or easy to use remote.

The beam can instantly be turned on and off with the press of a button, and in built effects such as lightning flashes and strobe provide extra versatility when you need it.

Get in sync with modern camera technology

Advanced camera technology such as that employed in the RED ONE™ camera and other CMOS based camera systems has brought a new wave of lighting challenges including rolling shutter artifacts such as Flash-Banding.

Artifacts like Flash-Banding are most noticeable when working with pulsed light sources such as strobes, flashes and lightning units.

The Creamsource is the worlds first light to address this issue by providing synchronisation support via the accessory socket and the CreamSync adapter

Connect, control, create.

The Creamsource includes full DMX 512 compatibility through high quality full size 5 pin XLR connectors. Connect to any DMX compatible control desk quickly and simply, no external dimmer unit required.

Auto-slaving between units by utilising a single dmx cable sets the new standard for simple modular lighting setups without the need for a separate control desk. Easily bank several units together to operate as one source, with no need to set addresses or master/slave settings - just plug it in and go.