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Dedo Weigert Film GmbH

Dedo Weigert Film GmbH was founded in 1965 as a film production and camera rental company.

Since that time, the company has grown into one of the main importers of video and film technical equipment for professional film, broadcast and specialized photography. We have one of the largest and most diverse inventories from such renowned manufacturers as Anton/Bauer, Cooke, Chimera, Innovision, Kino Flo, Lowel, Luminys, Photoflex, Photosonics, Tiffen, Transvideo, Ronford-Baker, Vision Research and many others.

We are the largest supplier and rental facility for high-speed film and high-speed video on the European continent supplying the latest and most advanced equipment and technicians to meet all your needs.

Our more than sixty dedicated employees are renowned for their customer service and are ready to meet all of your challenges and needs.


Dedotec Munich is a partner company of Dedo Weigert Film GmbH employing specialists in optics, electronics and precision mechanics. The company is also responsible for technical development, prototypes, production and service. Dedolight precision lighting instruments were conceived and developed within the framework of this company along with numerous other specialized lighting instruments, optics and electronic devices.

Dedo Weigert

Dedo Weigert was born in Breslau, Germany in 1938 and studied at the Munich University. He went on to work extensively in theater and as a film production manager. For several years, he was an assistant cameraman on many international film productions and in 1964 started working as a freelance cameraman (Directory of Photography).

With over twenty years of experience as a working director, producer and Director of Photography involved in feature films, commercials, documentaries, American television series and some highly technical and demanding special projects he began to specialize in high speed cinematography and high speed videography.

Mr. Weigert has received more than twenty international patents for technical inventions that are today regarded as state-of-the art. He has also been awarded twenty-five international prizes for film and technical development such as the Technical Achievement Award in 1990, Cinec Award in 2002, and the Scientific and Engineering Award in 2003.

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Dedo Weigert

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